Watch Ford’s Electric Truck Pull a Million Pounds Video

Busting down electric stereotypes, one freight car pull at a time.

Ford has introduced its new prototype all-electric F-150 to truck owners with a powerful test of its capabilities: pulling more than one million pounds.

“There is no greater tension for Ford engineers than doing live tests in front of real truck owners, while cameras are rolling,” says Ted Cannis, the Global Director of Electrification at Ford, in a Medium post. “But that’s exactly what we did. As you can imagine, math on paper is never quite the same as real work on the job. Which is why every F-Series is serious about testing … and in this case, seeing what happens with live testing.”

Throughout the video, Ford emphasizes that just because its prototype is electric doesn’t mean it’s any less “Ford tough.” Ford owners appear as skeptics in the beginning and are won over as the electric prototype is able to pull 10 double decker freight cars 1,000 feet past a line of older F-150s.

Ford is taking electric trucks seriously. Beyond the remarkable stunt its new F-150 pulled off—which the company emphasizes should not be tried at home—Ford has also placed a substantial investment of $500 million in electric startup Rivian, whose “flexible skateboard platform” includes a battery pack, electric drivetrain, and the electric architecture powering its own RT1.

Ford’s investment bought the automaker access to the skateboard, and while it isn’t clear if the F-150 shown in the prototype has been influenced by access to Rivian tech, it is clear that the company is giving itself a high bar in the future.

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