Two persons injured after ute lands on vehicles at Caboolture Qld north of Brisbane.Watch dash cam footage.

A MAN has watched in amazement as a ute ran a median strip and landed on top of two other cars.

Two people were injured when a ute landed on two cars at Pumicestone Rd, Caboolture, Qld this morning.

Pastor Rick Brewer’s early morning commute to work today turned in to a scene he said thought he’d only ever see in the movies.

Mr Brewer told The Sunshine Coast Daily he had ‘front row seats’ to the accident, which happened about 8.30am on Pumicestone Rd near the D’Aguilar Hwy overpass in Caboolture.

“I saw the ute flying down and I knew the crash was about happen before he had even hit the strip,” he said.

“He cleared the entire median strip and had about five or six feet of air before hitting the first car, which was stationary, and basically tore half the roof off.”

Mr Brewer said after calling emergency services he rushed over to the scene where he could see two women were trapped in their cars.

Emergency services at the scene of a ute & cars  accident at Caboolture this morning.

“The best we could do was hold their hands and try and talk them through the event,” he said.

“Both ladies were conscious and responding but they had no idea what had just occured.

“Running across to help I was thinking that I was sure to come across dead people.

Mr Brewer said the driver of the airborne car had clambered out of his ute out soon after the smash.

“He was fairly shook up and was just sitting on the ground shaking,” he said.

The utility & 2 car crash at Caboolture Qld. this morning. Picture: Emma Louise Williams/Twitter

“In tragedies like this I just apreciate the human response,” he said.

“Within 30 seconds of the crash occurring there were around 30-40 people getting in to action.

“Everybody was helping the best way they could. One of the ladies had two dogs in the back of their vehicle and some people managed to get them out and comfort them.”

Two people have been admitted to hospital, with one in a serious condition

Chilling Crash

## Viewer Discretion Advised ##Chilling crash caught on camera yesterday. Incredible effort by all emergency crews, including Clayton's Caboolture team who were called on, using their tow trucks to assist in the technical rescue. Amazing part is no fatalities or life threatening injuries.

Posted by Clayton's Towing on Friday, 15 June 2018

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