The “Blue Wonder” Race Car Transport Ute from Mercedes-Benz. Watch video.

Motorsport fans at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, with its long tradition, experienced a blue wonder. The legendary racing car transporter stole the show from even the sleekest roadsters.

A legend lives: the “Blue Wonder”

It has long been a highlight in the Mercedes-Benz Museum: the legendary blue racing car carrier. Roughly seven meters long, almost two meters wide and high. Unique and with royal-blue paintwork. Also known by its nickname: the “Blue Wonder”. With the engine from a 300 SL sports car, the racing car carrier reaches a top speed of up to 170 km/h – at least it did in the 1950s, when the Blue Wonder was born.

Benz Origins in motorsport

The racing car carrier was first built in 1954 to serve as a high-speed transporter designed to shuffle a racing car back and forth between Stuttgart and the racetrack. It accompanied the Mercedes-Benz team on nine victories and at twelve Formula One track races. In fact, the admiration for the once innovative and elegant interesting transport solution was often greater than that for the racing car itself. The blue racing car carrier was both the first and the fastest. The Blue Wonder from Mercedes-Benz – which contributed to the racing teams’ victories. But all that was not quite enough: when Mercedes-Benz withdrew from Formula One in 1955 the blue racing car carrier also disappeared around two years later, ultimately winding up in the scrapyard –  which later proved to be a costly mistake.

The rebuilding of the blue racing car carrier

It took seven years and 6,000 hours of work to rebuild this blue racing car carrier pickup ute. But no drawings or instructions were maintained. A technical data sheet and a few photos were all that remained.With the help of historical witnesses, Mercedes-Benz succeeded in bringing the Blue Wonder back to life. However, with some changes: The maximum power of the workhorse’s fuel-injection engine has been reduced to 192 hp – in contrast, a six cylinder engines delivers around 240 hp. The driver’s cab is reminiscent of a Mercedes-Benz Ponton 180. However, the X-shaped frame and the chrome-plated bumper has a resemblance to the original model – as does the royal blue colour.

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mercedes-Benz chose the Goodwood Festival of Speed in southern England for the newly constructed revamped racing car carrier’s first public appearance. The place where Mercedes-Benz celebrated its 100-year brand anniversary. And where the Blue Wonder once again stole the limelight from the sleek racing cars – just as it does in the Mercedes-Benz Museum where the legendary blue racing car carrier lives out its days today.

Henry Sapiecha

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