Going For a Beer with a Restored Classic Beer Pickup Truck Ute

No hint of its age: a restored Mercedes-Benz LK 311 is used as smart advertising space for a cult beer based in Stuttgart.

For the sake of relevance & interest we place this old small truck in the ute category

The powerful Mercedes-Benz LK 311

6 cylinders, 100 h.p. and 88 km/h maximum speed: the Mercedes-Benz LK 311 may not stand out with its motorisation, but in the post-war period it was considered a reliable and powerful vehicle with its payload of around 3,5 tons. ”The LK 311 first rolled off the assembly line in 1957 and has passed its early years in a mill near Bonn. A colleague has bought the vehicle in the late 1980s. With tears in his eyes he sold it to me in 2002 because he had no space for it anymore” remembers Kurt Abele, the current owner of the vehicle and director of Abele Zelte in Stuttgart.

A classic pickup truck for a cult beer

Little by little he restored the classic truck with some friends until the Stuttgart brewery Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu got aware of the LK 311.  The brewery uses the classic car as stylish advertising space for a renewed cult beer. “Originality was very important for us for the rebirth of Wulle beer. So having said that, the vehicle from the company Abele was perfect for us”, mentions Stefan Seipel, marketing director of Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu. The advertising slogan “We want Wulle!” is fitted to the side panels. The slogan comes from the thirties –and makes it even older than the LK 311 itself.

A challenging test drive

In summer, when the weather is great, the classic truck can be seen at several parades, fairs or at weddings in the region of Stuttgart. Most admirers would certainly like to drive the LK 311. But this is much more difficult than it looks, knows Seipel: “The results of a test drive with five students was disillusioning and funny at the same time because no one could drive the truck safely”. That’s not surprising at all since the LK 311 has no electronic steering support. Also, the gearbox is not synchronized and the vehicle works with a double clutching technique. Therefore Kurt Abele drives the car only himself, even with his 74 years. For special occasions he pulls out the original Wulle leather apron with the matching cap and wooden barrels.

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