You Can Buy Carroll Shelby’s Personal Shelby Dodge Dakota Shop Truck

Used by Carroll Shelby during his time at Shelby American, this truck features a 5.2-litre V8 Engine and decals for days.

Shelby-branded cars for sale are always cool, but seeing one of Carroll Shelby’s personal vehicles come up for auction is especially interesting. That seems to be exactly what we have here in the form of this lovely-looking Dodge Shelby Dakota truck.

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According to the listing published by Barrett-Jackson, this particular truck is the first Shelby Dakota ever built. It was apparently sold to an outside customer before being bought back by Mr. Shelby himself, using it as a personal vehicle and shop truck at Shelby American. Barrett-Jackson says it has all the documentation to prove Shelby and his employees drove this truck for years.

The vehicle was eventually retired from daily-driver use and put into the Shelby Museum Collection before being sold to a private collector in 2016. It will come up for auction during Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale event January 18th-21st, 2018 with no reserve.

Very interesting history & ute this one

Henry Sapiecha

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