This 1233 Horsepower Diesel-Nitrous Truck Is Absolutely Awesome

1233 horsepower and 2000 foot pounds of torque at the wheels suggest that not much 1949 Ford truck is left here.

Old Smokey F1 is Scott Birdsall’s multi-purpose 1949 Ford pickup-bodied race truck, built at Chuckles Garage in Santa Rosa, California. Under all that patina and plumbing, it hides a 5.9 Cummins diesel with a sequential turbo setup operating with a maximum boost pressure of 106 psi. And since it weighs just 3660 lbs., paired with 1233 horsepower and 2000 foot pounds of torque at the wheels, the figures end up being absolute mayhem:

What started out as a $225 ’49 Ford from Craigslist has a full tubular frame, with the drivetrain using water-to-air intercoolers, air-to-air intercoolers and a 5-inch exhaust pipe that could have come off a road train. Needless to say, it chews through transmissions almost faster than a tank of fuel. So, for those moments when over 1200 horsepower is not enough, it also has 375 hp worth of nitrous. You have to be on the safe side.

Henry Sapiecha

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