Ford F-100 Becomes Digital Monster

Like a werewolf transformation during a full moon, a Ford F-100 has been transformed into a Formula One monster. Well, not for real. It’s actually a virtual reality thing, but it’s sure to make Formula One and big truck fans salivate.

Yasid Oozeear of YasidDESIGN had the nightmare or the dream; that’s up to you.

A funny thing happened on the way to this Ford F-100 rendition. You see, the truck-race car hybrid was going to be a six-wheeler, but the

designer finally settled on four wheels.

“Another Mutant Inbound Racer. F10RD. Initially was to be more of a classic finish as well as being a 6-wheeler, but hey, variations ftw. I believe the classic would be more of a Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler inspiration. Gonna be fun!” commented the designer.

Of course, for a monster like this you’re going to need a formidable powerplant. I guess that’s why YasidDESIGN chose a 12-cylinder. It could be a tip-of-the hat to the old days of Formula One rather than today’s more downsized racers.

Henry Sapiecha

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