RAM Laramie 2500. The best tow vehicle

The RAM is the stand-out of our ‘Top 10’ because it makes every other tow vehicle we’ve tested seem like toys. It can tow up to 6989kg behind it, but you’ll need a pintle hook to do it. With a 50mm towball, it’s ‘only’ a 3500kg maximum. It towed a 2900kg caravan like it wasn’t even there.

The RAM was a rock-solid towing platform and although the front end pitched up and down on rough roads, it wasn’t too obvious. Hills didn’t slow the RAM and with its exhaust brakes, going downhill at a set speed without needing the brakes was easy. It might be more of a truck than some would want with its rough-riding ways, but if you wanted the ultimate tow vehicle, this is it.

Check out the full review of the RAM Laramie 2500.


Engine 6.7L inline six-cylinder turbodiesel

Transmission Six-speed automatic

Towing capacity 3500kg (4500kg with 70mm towball; 6989kg with pintle)

Towball (max) 350kg


Henry Sapiecha

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