Ford Ranger utility truck reviewed as a tow vehicle

These are the only utes (except the RAM) to reach the ‘Top 10’ list because they are stand-out tow tugs against their peers. The Ranger and BT-50 were co-developed and despite a slight parting of ways in their latest 2015 update, they are still basically the same under the skin.

These utes have great stability, barely moving at all with a van behind, benefitting greatly from their lanky wheelbase and short rear-axle-to-towball measurement.

The Ranger and BT-50 have equal best-in-class performance when towing, able to steam up hills that leave the rest of their competitor utes floundering.

Engine braking is also very good and the six-speed auto is very easy to use in manual mode to hold gears on descents.


Engine Five-cylinder diesel

Transmission Six-speed auto

Towing capacity 3500kg

Towball (max) 350kg

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Henry Sapiecha

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