Businesses Absolutely Furious Without These Vehicle Trackers

Announcing the little known secret for how you can stop business vehicle thefts today

The solution to vehicle theft is simpler than you think

Having a vehicle stolen is one of the worst things that can happen to your business.

Worryingly, however, most people aren’t even aware of how common vehicle theft is.

You probably know someone who’s been robbed. Because shocking statistics for 2015 reveal that a vehicle is stolen every 10 minutes in Australia!

And once your vehicle’s been taken, you’ve probably said goodbye forever: the majority of stolen vehicles are never recovered by the police.

So how can I protect my vehicles today?

Luckily, an affordable solution is being made available throughout Australia.

Basically, businesses are racing to equip their vehicles with these brilliant vehicle trackers.

Once your vehicles are tracked, you can find the exact whereabouts of your car at any time, meaning thieves won’t get away with it.

Not only does it secure your car but having vehicle tracking can reduce your fuel and insurance costs! So much so that it’s calculated that businesses are paying off the cost of the vehicle tracking system in as little as 6 months!

Tip: Those who asks for a quote for 5+ vehicles are eligible for special pricing!

Click Your Vehicle Type To Check Eligibility

Congratulations, as of April 29 2017, there are still vehicle tracking quotes available.

One Genius Device, Lots of Brilliant Advantages:

  1. Know where your vehicles are at all times – Anywhere in the world. Never lose track of your vehicles again!
  2. Secure your vehicles – Much easier to recover your vehicle in the event of theft.
  3. Easy to use – Manage and check on a mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  4. Save Money – Cut the cost of fuel and insurance by up 30%!

How Do I See If I Qualify?

  1. Step 1 – Click your location on the map below to get your FREE Quotes
  2. Step 2 – Answer a few simple questions
  3. Step 3 – Receive instantly your free quotes

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